Big Data. Personalized Medicine. Massive Change. Guest Avi Roy

BioTrove is sponsoring the Big Data Science in Medicine conferences at the University of Oxford, listen and find out why. Avi Roy, the founder of this conference and biomedical researcher, explains the idea behind these conferences and gives us a sneak peek at the speakers list.

When cutting edge biomedical research meets state-of-the-art big data technologies, the extraordinary seems possible. At the forefront of scientific innovation is the recognition that the diseases of ageing are not inevitable facts of life; instead they are biological challenges with real solutions. Big-data can help us gain key insights into the biological process of aging and accelerate medicine to bring health and longevity to all.  At the Big Data Science in Medicine meeting we bring together leading lights from artificial intelligence, biomedical science and regenerative medicine for an evening of talks and discussion in Oxford with the ambition of accelerating research in longevity.

The event is free to attend, but places are limited. Please register here

"The Future of Medicine" Guest Richard Barker

Richard Barker is Executive Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) CASMI is a partnership between Oxford University and UCL, created to develop new structures for medical innovation. CASMI aims to address the issues that have led to current failures in the translation of basic bioscience into affordable and widely adopted new treatments. In this podcast we discuss Richard Barker’s current book 2030 - The Future of Medicine  Avoiding a Medical Meltdown and how his vision in this book translates to CASMI. Sit back and learn how you can help expedite cures from the regulator to the patient. Learn about fascinating new tools for diagnosis and treatment. Get involved, this is the future, your future! 

"Gene Sequencing" Guest George Church

Come and learn about gene sequencing with George Church, he is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of the   In this podcast we will talk about genetic variances and their potential problems or advantages. At what age should we start to manipulate the human genome?  Where will we draw the line between preventive medicine and human enhancement?  Will we want to engineer embryos in the near future? Can we start treating aging with gene therapy? How will we protect astronauts in space? Listen and find out!

"Accelerating progress to find better medical solutions" Guest Joe Betts-LaCroix

Joe Betts-LaCroix is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Executive Director of Health Extension that holds monthly salons that connect academic aging biology researchers with the general public, as well as research projects in human genetics, social psychology of aging, and just beginning compounds affecting longevity in model animals. Joe's newest company Mousera, is accelerating medical advancement by bringing 21st century technology into living systems research. In our discussion we talk about personalized medicine, I ask the question if the FDA as a protection and a hinderance(?), Autologous stem cells and why you can't find therapies in the USA, the immortal strand hypothesis, evolutionary theory and much more.  

"Telomerase" Guest Bill Andrews

Welcome to your chromosomes, come and have a closer look at the ends. Bill Andrews President and CEO of Sierra Sciences will walk us through what telomeres are and what telomerase is.  We will learn about the Hayflick limit and how this limit on cellular division might effect you, explore methods for measuring your telomeres and get a general understanding of cell senescence.  We will learn how to keep our telomeres longer and what increases the rate of shorter telomeres. Bill will discuss his new book, Bill Andrews on Telomere Basics: Curing Aging, and a recent movie about he and Aubrey de Grey called The Immortalists.  Bill states that "telomerase is an enzyme encoded by the hTert gene with protein and RNA components". Sound interesting? Extraordinary things are happening in your body, come and find out.

"Evolving Notions of Personhood" Guest Linda MacDonald Glenn

Join us as we learn about personhood. What is it and when will you lose yours?  Linda MacDonald Glenn is a bioethicist, counselor at law, educator, lecturer, consultant, and sits on the board of directors at Humanity Plus Magazine. Her professional focus is on the legal, ethical, and social impact of emerging technologies including biotechnology and artificial intelligence. 


"Gene Therapy" Guest Matthew Scholz Immusoft

How would you like to change your genes? How would you do it? Listen as my guest Matthew Scholz, CEO of Immusoft, teaches us about this technology and find out. You will learn how viruses such as AAV and the lentivirus become viral vectors, about transposons and the CRSPR method, about your adaptive immune system and how it might react, who elite suppressors/controllers are and how far we have come since risky harvesting of monoclonal antibodies from animals. Matt will also tell us how Immusoft wants to turn your own cells into drug factories. 

The battle is on! Find out how gene therapy is helping to cure diseases like hemophilialeukemiaHIV and aging

"Whole Brain Emulation" Guest Randal A. Koene, Ph.D.

Special thanks to Alex Vollmer for his best effort to fix a sound problem that nearly ruined this podcast. The sound quality loss is outweighed by the fascinating quality of the conversation! 

In this podcast guest  Randal A. Koene, Ph.D. neuroscientistneuro-engineer and co-founder  of Carboncopies discusses Whole Brain Emulation. You will learn about connectomicsneural mapping using molecular ticker tape with synthetic DNA, optogenetics using infra red, ultrasound and piezo crystals, as well as about Ted Berger's prosthetic hippocampus. What is a substate independent mind SIM and how far in the future will this technology be available?  Relax, listen and find out! 


"What is Aging?" Guest Dr Aubrey de Grey SENS

Welcome to life! Now prepare to die... What is aging? Guest Dr Aubrey de Grey, Chief Scientific Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, helps us understand this condition and what the future holds for changing the outcome. The cures to Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and many more may all rely on curing this underlying cellular degeneration. As the battle to end suffering due to disease ramps up you definitely want to stay tuned!

"Cryogenically Storing Bone Marrow" Guest Louie Helm

Louie Helm is the Executive Editor of Rockstar Research, Deputy Director of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, MIRI and also a Guest writer at Singularity Hub

In this podcast Louie talks about cryogenically storing bone marrow, some of the diseases that we use bone marrow to treat, the potential future application of bone marrow and much more...

"The Future of Artificial Intelligence" Guest Louie Helm MIRI

Louie Helm is the Executive Editor of Rockstar Research, Deputy Director of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, MIRI and also a Guest writer at Singularity Hub

In this podcast Louie talks about what is happening in Artificial Intelligence today, has the inside scoop on why Google might need an ethic board for non-biologics, reviews James Barrat's Book "Our Final Invention", discusses the advantages of future systems, talks about the autonomy of AI and much more...