The Complex Biological Systems Alliance

The Complex Biological Systems Alliance (CBSA) is an international multidisciplinary team of researchers investigating fundamental questions in biology and medicine. The CBSA is a unique platform for advanced scientific discourse and discovery. The mission of the CBSA is to further scientific understanding of biological complexity and the nature and origins of human disease. 

To this end, the CBSA is developing novel mathematical, statistical and experimental models to uncover fundamental threads of molecular information essential to key cellular functions and biological processes. CBSA members are afforded access to these tools to expedite scientific publication of their research. Moreover, these models provide the means to establish a new paradigm in evolutionary biology. 

CBSA investigators theorize that a proposed inherent thread of molecular information is the 'organizing principle' in biology, linking apparently unrelated biologic phenomena. The CBSA is systematically studying pathologic regulation of this proposed molecular network across diverse human disorders in order to develop new therapeutic applications. 

Researchers interested in joining the CBSA should contact Dr. Tom Chittenden via email. Please include a brief description of your background and research interests.