SciCog Systems, Inc.

New Artificial Intelligence Company Poised to Crack the Aging Code


“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts.”                                                                 —Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft


But that’s not why we’re doing it.


SciCog Systems, Inc. focuses on what we view as the most impactful, and yes, potentially the most profitable path to extreme healthy longevity.


A unique artificial intelligence (AI) opportunity targeting life extension is now available.  The technology should shortcut radical longevity goals… and discover breakthroughs in nearly all medical research. 


The company shows current revenue and also offers potential for break-even in year two. 


SciCog is creating an automated “artificial intelligence (AI) research assistant,” essentially developing the world’s smartest, most knowledgeable and most effective research tool.  The first application will accelerate biomedical science progress by deploying advanced AI technology… with initial focus on the biology of healthy longevity. 


The system will ingest and integrate vast quantities of experimental data and research literature, developing new hypotheses and arriving at novel scientific discoveries regarding longevity biology. 


Early commercial opportunities range from reducing medical costs to drug, nutraceutical and skincare discoveries.  


Ongoing development will give the software more and more autonomy and creativity, working toward the longer-term goal of a fully automated bioscientist.  It will ultimately think and learn like a human.  Technical risk is mitigated, since the technology is simply scaling up what our co-founder and CSO has been successfully doing for over a decade.


The artificial bioscientist is our first step toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a cutting edge discipline within AI… focused on giving AI systems the ability to “learn how to learn,” to understand context, and to generalize from one situation to another.


The company seeks $1.5 million in equity financing from accredited investor partners to accelerate development and to pursue multiple commercial opportunities. 


Please contact David Kekich at for more information.